The Company deals mainly in all kinds of traditional jute products such as Hessian Cloth (Burlap), Gunny Bags, etc. Hessian Bags, etc.

Jute Fabrics : Hessian cloth also called Burlap comes in widths varying from 76 to 203 cms. (30" to 80"), and in weights between 152 and 427 gm / m2, packed either in bales or in rolls. Widths upto 220 cms. are also available in rolls.

Scrim Cloth in the above widths, and weights varying between 70 and 200 gm / m2, in rolls of 500 to 4000 metres are used as Tar felting and Roofing felt.

Hessian (Burlap) Bags : Used in agro - based industries for packing Tobacco, Tea, Coffee, Potatoes, Onions, Wool, Wheat, Rice, Pulses etc., in tailor made sizes / weights, and as Sand Bags, with tie - string, for packing Sand and other coarse particles. Also lined with HDPE / LDPE liners and Extrusion Coated as well.

THE LATEST - Food Grade (Hydrocarbon Free) cloth / bags / sacks, tailor - made as per buyer's requirements, used for packing all kinds of eatables like coffee / cocoa beans, kernels, shelled nuts etc.

The Company has developed a good market for this product in Latin America and is trying to develop the West African market where there is good demand from such consumers. The Company also exports sand bags to Middle East as and when when there is demand for this item.

Hessain sheets and squares, tailor - made for use in Nurseries, Tobacco packing etc.

Jute Tubes : Spirally sewn, tailor - made for the construction industry & other applications.

Jute Geotextiles : Soil savers - standard 122 cms. X 500 gm / m2, used for controlling soil erosion, landscaping, agricultural use etc.

Jute Sacks : B. Twills, Binolas, Hy. Cees, D.W. Flour Bags, etc. Also available in Food Grade.

Others : Small pocket sized bags for varied applications; Colored / Dyed Hessian cloth in rolls; D.W. Tarpaulin cloth and bags; Jute Canvas cloth; etc.

Jute Shopping & Promotional Bags : In different sizes and weight with or without extrusion coated normal / food grade polypropylene with handles in assorted styles.

The Company assures its consumers of timely shipments of quality products. Buyers can arrange for pre-inspection of products ordered by them before shipment by reputed agencies so they are assured of the quality. Jute is once again coming into a limelight as a packaging product owing to its environment friendly nature as well as its durability.

The Company is well equipped to meet any requirement from consumers of these products. Please forward your inquiries by fax or email at the number and address given. We assure you of our best services always.